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Stefanie Farrell, CART Provider

[email protected]

How Can CART Be Provided?

     CART can be provided in a variety of settings: Colleges, universities, high schools, self-help meetings, large and/or small conferences, the possibilities are endless. 

     Traditionally, CART is provided one-on-one. The CART Provider is connected to a steno machine, and using a phonetic type of shorthand, types into the machine, and ‚Äčthe steno text is translated through specialized software into English on a laptop screen. The person with hearing loss is able to participate fully by reading the proceedings rather than struggling to hear what is happening. The text can be made as small or as big as the client needs. The colors can be changed; the most common color schemes are yellow on a deep blue background, black on white, and white on black. There is the ability to have a file produced, but the client "must" get permission from all involved beforehand. CART is for the purposes of communication access only and is never to be considered an official record of any kind.  

     CART can be streamed live with the person in the room. The CART provider does everything as above, only this time a link is provided through a web-based service. The consumer uses their own internet enabled laptop, tablet, or phone and is able to click on the link and read the proceedings. The benefits to live streaming to the CART user are that they are no longer tethered to the CART Provider, they can sit wherever they choose, and this gives the CART user much more autonomy.  The benefits to the CART Provider are that they can sit where it is best for them to see and hear.  It is a win/win for both. 

     PowerPoint presentations can have the captions added to make access much more fluid.  The CART user no longer has to swivel their head back-and-forth.  The CART Provider would send a link to the presenter and the presenter would need to download a small file to their laptop in order to have the captions appear.  The presenter would, however, need to keep an extra line-or-two open on the top or bottom of each slide for the captions.  You do not want to have captions overlap the presentation text.

     CART services within Town Government have become very important.  Town Meetings, Zoning Board Meetings, Planning Board Meetings, Select Board Meetings, Finance Committee Meetings, Commission Meetings can all become 100% accessible by having a CART Provider.  Not only do persons with hearing loss benefit from CART, the audience as a whole benefits.  CART is projected onto a large screen for everyone to see.  The benefits  enables everyone; whether they have a hearing loss or not, to participate fully. 

     The CART landscape is evolving on a regular basis.  CART can be provided in a number of settings.  The above are just to name a few.  If you have any questions about how CART can be provided within your organization, please reach out to Stefanie at [email protected].